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Vicky Hotchkiss

Vicky Hotchkiss

At the start of 2019 I went along to a coding workshop aimed at getting more women into the tech industry. That one day workshop was the catalyst for a career change, within months I’d changed from a management role in fundraising in the charity sector to an apprentice in the tech industry. After successfully completing my apprenticeship in early 2021 I am now a junior front end developer at StuRents, the AirBnB for students.

My career change has been a humbling and exciting experience and I’ve learnt a lot, both about software development and what it is like to be a career changer to this industry.

I got here through the support of many people, and I’m passionate about helping other new starters. One thing I’ve found is that there is a lot of work to attract new people to our industry, but sadly this support isn't always long lasting. I want to have discussions about how we can change this – how can we empower new people in the industry to gain more skills and responsibility so that they can eventually take more senior positions.   

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