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Kim Diep

Kim Diep

Kim is a Software Engineer & Tech Coach, Oxford and UCL alumna and creates and delivers programs to help underrepresented people refresh & upskill in the Software Engineering domain.

 As a Tech Content & Workshop Creator & Mentor, she helps people engage with technology in fun and practical ways, whether they’re just starting out or looking to improve their skills at any stage of their careers. She is passionate about creating things for tech education and loves sharing her experiences with the community to encourage others to learn and grow in their technical skills and confidence. As a former Business Application Consultant, Kim loves how technology and product teams come together. 

 Kim is featured in the 2021 and 2020 Women in Software Power Lists and the 2020 TechWomen100 List which recognises the top rising stars in the tech industry. She was also nominated for the 2020 WorldSkillsUK Diversity & Inclusion Role Model award. In her spare time, she loves playing video games, making games with Unity/C#, chilling at coffee shops and singing at the choir.

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