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Dr Becky Quicke

Dr Becky Quicke

Dr Becky Quicke specialises in helping women embrace their potential. She does this through seasonal workshops and retreats where she helps women deepen their self compassion, strengthen their psychological skills and focus on their values, purpose and direction. She uses inspiration from nature to help women live in sync with nature’s cycles and has a special interest in menstrual cycle awareness as a vehicle for self care, self compassion, sustainable energy and focused productivity.

Becky worked for 15 years in the NHS and trained as a Clinical Psychologist in 2002, working within child and family psychology services. She founded Tatton Psychology Ltd in 2015 and continues to work part time as an expert witness for the family courts, where she walks her talk of self compassion and efficient productivity. She is passionate about guiding women to connect with themselves and support each other so they can reach their potential by living sustainable lives full of joy and fulfilment.

She'll be delivering a workshop at #reframeWIT which will teach you some psychological processes and skills to recognise the anxious thoughts and feelings that hold you back and how to cultivate the psychological flexibility skills to let go of them so you can focus on moving forward towards fulfilment.

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